P-Line Family of Line
Premium Fluorocarbon

Your success as an angler depends on the tactical decisions you make long before you get to the water. Longer casts and extreme invisibility are just a few of the benefits you get when you spool P-Line Tactical Fluorocarbon.

Hard Baits
Get down to where they are.

The P-Line Predator is a deep diving, jointed bait with an action that makes it irresistible to many species of game fish, most notably striped bass. Trolled at 3-mph with 100 feet of line, the Predator will dive 12 to 13 feet. These lures are catching fish from coast to coast, in both salt and fresh water, under any conditions. The Predator features 3 counter balanced weights in the body of the lure which ensure great action and balance. The main body also has 6 hollow stainless steel BB’s which create an irresistible rattling noise, attracting fish in the murkiest of water.

Soft Baits
Live Action. Twin Tails.

The P-Line Twin Tail Squid is a versatile saltwater bait which is available in 4.5”, 7” and 9 inch models. There are 6 colors in the assortment including 3 glow colors for low light and deep-water fishing conditions.

P-Line Tools
Makes Quick Work.

P-Line High Carbon Steel tools are built for the value minded angler looking for a good tool without spending a lot of money. We offer a 5, 6, 8 and 11 inch long nose pliers and 6.5 and 8 inch lead post pliers. We also offer 6 and 8 inch needle nose and bent nose pliers. For specialty rigging we offer our two types of crimping tools, and a split ring pliers.

P-Line Tackle
Perfect for Bobber Dogging

Draggin’ Balls were created to be used under a float while bobber dogging. This new P-Line product is a steel ball with a rubberized coating specifically designed to drift more freely than lead because of the increased mass.

P-Line Rigs
Teflon® Surface Protector

Many angling situations require a high visibility line. XTCB is now available in low visibility green and high visibility yellow. With the success of XTCB-8 in the low vis green, expanding the product family with a more visible line was a natural development.